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Chiropractor in Delano : Dr. Carl Cunanan

Meet Dr. Carl Cunanan

Delano Chiropractor Dr. Cunanan and family

Dr. Cunanan and family

For years I had a recurring back pain that was annoying. It didn’t stop me from my regular daily routines or hobbies but it was nagging. At that time, my high school basketball coach was studying to become a chiropractor and it wasn’t until then that I discovered a whole new possibility of finding pain relief but more importantly finding what was actually wrong. To discover a whole new approach to health care besides the traditional allopathic medicine that most everyone was and still continues to use was uplifting.

I’m very fortunate to have picked a career that brings back health to so many who suffer and more importantly to provide it naturally without drugs, medication or surgery. To provide chiropractic, done by hand, in bringing about relief, restoring function and balance is exciting and enjoyable and I cannot think of any other career that offers so much satisfaction.

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Carl Cunanan has been practicing since 1993 when he successfully received his doctorate of Chiropractic medicine at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (SCU) Southern California University of Health Sciences, formerly know as LACC. He has been practicing advanced, quality Chiropractic for patients of all ages, from newborns to geriatric patients. He has successfully treated thousands of patients that have been injured in auto accidents, work injuries, as well as, many sports injuries occurring from soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, football and martial arts alike. He is also a Qualified Medical Evaluator, or QME.

Away from Chiropractic Center of Delano

Dr. Cunanan is originally from Orange County but found his way to the Central Valley by luck. He met his wonderful wife here, a native of Bakersfield, and hasn’t looked back. He has 3 beautiful, talented girls who are either playing basketball or dancing in their free time. When Dr. Cunanan is not at the clinic you can find him enjoying the bike trails, watching his girls dance, exercising or shooting hoops at the basketball courts.

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